Saturday, 17 March 2018

Paul Garratt Memorial Match (Viaduct Fishery) Cambell, Cary & Lodge Lakes.

Well the mini beast from the east was back' As it was bloody cold when I arrived at the fishery with a brisk north west wind blowing" I managed to grab a breakfast roll on route which I was thankful of, With the three lakes in I just didn't want to drawn in the brunt of the wind' There were a few drop outs probably due to the weather but still 36 of us fishing, Taking the kit out the van I realised I picked up the wrong rod case and had two rods with no reels! Thankfully team mate Gabo came to my rescue lending me one of his posh Tournament 11ft lead rods & Posh reel to go with it"...

I intended to be nearer the rear of the draw but found myself near the front when we changed rooms' Phil Hardwick drew before me & ended up on peg 112 Cambell , I went in & drew out two together, Nick Ewers took the top one, I opened up Peg 111 Cambell & Nick Ended up on peg 114 with 113 being empty" That's Three matches in a row that's happened to me on here, Spooky" & I Haven't moved much".

Lately pegs 110 & 132 have been dominant but appears since the use of pellet again this week a few have woke up & spread out a bit so was hoping for a few fish, I had Previous Fisho Winner Steve Jackson on peg 110 who fancied his chances but we had a quid on for the fun of it. With the wind blowing down are end quite strong I ruled out the waggler as I wouldn't be able to present it, I set up another bomb rod after finding a reel in my kit so had one to fish a hair rig band on 0.17 & a 16 hook the other with hair spike for meat. I was going to set a pole rig up to fish around 9mts but didn't fancy kit flying around in the wind so would feed short & try the bomb over it through the day.

I would spend the day mainly fishing pellet & started the match fishing around two thirds from the middle of the lake with banded 8mm pellet, I decided I was going to feed from the off but gave it ten minutes before pinging just a couple of 8mm's over the top, Two minutes later & I soon had a 4lb fish in the net, twenty minutes later I had a slightly bigger fish after going slightly past the feed, I had been pinging a couple of pellets every few minutes & was getting the odd sign of fish so decided to feed another line off to my left just short of the middle feeding around half a dozen pellets & left it while, Ten minutes later I went over it & within seconds I was in' Another fish around 5lb, At this stage Phil was yet to catch & Jacko had netted one smaller carp & after an hour I though I had around 24lb in the net so not a bad start, It seemed a case of getting a few indications I one area then try off the areas I had been feeding. It wasn't hectic & at some points I had to wait ages for signs of fish, I though things were going nicely until Phil went on his pole around 10mts after trying down the edge without success, He missed a bite straight away the hooked a carp seconds later".  

I thought it would be a one off but how wrong could I be' He had four more in the next four dob-ins all on hard 6mm pellet, No Prob, I had been feeding a few 6mms the same distance so plopped the lead in on it. 15mins & not even a liner even though Phil was still hooking the odd fish at the same distance' It appeared Nick Had the same Idea on peg 114 but couldn't catch at this distance, I didn't waste to much time & was back out towards the middle. Jacko had added a few more carp but didn't look to be that big, I did have to keep searching the peg on & off the feed to take the odd fish but Phil Had gone well in-front of me at this stage but I keep pinging a few 6mms on the short line hoping to draw a few over, Ricky Mills opposite me on peg 130 had given up & gone for a wander after being in the worst of the bitter wind which was better for me I hoped" I keep plugging away & with a couple of hours to go started the get the odd small run of fish, At one stage I had four in 15mins for around 25lb, Jacko had gave up with the bomb & had assembled a pole to fish down the edge after seeing a fish roll their but he appeared to be doing a better job of branch clearing most of the time, Phil's peg continued to produce a few carp but I still couldn't get indications on my short line, Going into the last 90mins I began to feed slightly more on the positive area which did the trick for a while before I found some better fish by fishing to the right of the feed. Despite the cold wind I had quite an enjoyable day, the fish seemed to come in spells but finding where the were willing to feed was important, Phil caught right up to the all out & had some decent fish so knew I wouldn't beat him but was confident of my quid of a rather disgruntled Jacko!" Lol, He wasn't happy with the foliage he had cleared so decided to dump it back where he was fishing all day"..?? It looked like being close between Nick & myself as he was admitting to 124lb on his clicker & I had 121 on mine?  I caught up with Steve doing the weigh-in & gave him a hand to do the board, Nick ended up with slightly more than he thought finishing with 133lb odd, Next was Phil who really did the business to finish with 209lb odd all on the shorter pole line & 6mm pellet to easily win the day so a big well done Phil & good company" I was really out with my clicking today as I was surprized to finish with 167lb odd" To be honest I think I forgot to click a couple when I had a burst of Fish" & it didn't help when I spent over 40minutes of the day without a hook-length on after it had slipped the connector Gabo had on his set up, Not something I was keen on but probably should check it hadn't came loose after each fish? Back at the results & as expected Phil took the spoils but thankfully I had enough to finish 2nd picking up £70 along the way, Owe & Jacko's quid as he finished with 95lb odd'  As far as the silvers went Gabo had a nice day on peg 90 in the corner of Cary to finish with 30lb of skimmers on pellet so a good result there as well, Some decent weights considering the harsh conditions & its amazing how much difference the pellet has made again" Really enjoyed the day & nice to see Josh fishing in his dads memory.

Full Results -

1st Phil Hardwick (Burts Baits) peg 112 Cambell, 209lb 8oz.

2nd Dom Sullivan (Mosella UK) peg 111 Cambell, 167lb 13oz.

3rd Gary O'Shea (P.I.Thatchers) peg 85 Cary, 139lb 2oz.

4th Nick Ewers (P.I.Thatchers) peg 114 Cambell, 133lb 1oz.

5th Dick Bull (Langport) peg 59 Lodge, 130lb 13oz.

6th Mark Wynne (Colmic) peg 100 Cary, 125lb 6oz.

Silvers -

1st Gabo Skarba (Mosella UK) peg 90 Cary, 31lb 1oz.

2nd Toby Burrell (Team Army) peg 115 Cambell, 28lb 12oz.

3rd Ryan Shipp (Westerleigh) peg 64 Lodge Lake, 25lb 9oz. 





Sunday, 11 March 2018

Viaduct Fishery Teams Of Five (Final Rd) All Lakes.

I'll Start by saying a big well done to Gary O'Shea on winning Don's Memorial match at the fishery from peg 3 on spring lake with 39lb of skimmers mainly on the waggler & corn later in the match, Gutted I couldn't attend due to work commitments but Gary had know Don all through his fishing days so fitting he went on to win it. 

Back to today & we were greeted with a pleasant morning weather wise, It was my turn to fish Match Lake today with an overspill of a few pegs on Middle & the Spit on Spring Lake. Really hoped Trig would draw me peg 26 on Spring as its been the most consistent in all the over matches always finishing in the top 3, I had had a wander around Match Lake before the start & fancied it could fish well as it had a tinge of colour in it, It took a while for Trig to get to us with the team sheet but he didn't look to pleased, We hadn't had the best of draws Paul Elms Had peg 12 on Spring & not a carp peg, Vince Brown Had peg 61 on Lodge which again isn't good for carp, Trig Was in the corner of Cary on peg 90 which has been hard the last couple of matches, Shaun Townsend looked to have draw the wrong area on Cambell on peg 125 & I ended up on what they call Crabtree Peg" on Middle Lake peg 38, This used to be the peg some years ago but it seems to be a case of feast or Famine these days but I felt confident I could catch a few carp with plenty of options, We felt we were going to be up against it as The Colmic Side Had drawn the same as they had in the first round & had some decent draws including Mark Poppeton in my section on none other than peg 26..! . I had Bob Giles next to me on peg 37 which I would have preferred as its produce a few carp dobbing under the tree on previous rounds, I had a bay to chuck to around 30mts as well as open water off to my right off the end of the tree so set up the normal bomb rod for hair rigged baits & a waggler to search around at various depths,
Apart from this I had one pole rig to fish on the edge of the channel towards peg 1 from 14-16mts for dobbing being a 0.1 AS4 on 0.19-0.15 & again with a hair rigged 0.17 hook length
. Finally I set up a 4x12 Wire Wonder on 0.13-0.10 & an 18 PR412 hook to fish a couple of silvers lines at 14mts should I need to.

I began the day cupping in three balls of G/Bait with casters & a few dead reds at 14mts to my right in the open water & some casters & a bit of corn the same distance slightly left. I began On the bomb into the bay on hair rigged meat hoping for some early signs, 20mins gone & I had slight bite which turned out to be a carp around 4lb, Not big but a decent start, I gave it another 45mins but nothing followed, In this time I had seen Mark on 26 net a couple of decent fish & Bob next to me had netted three in a row after going further under the tree to his right, I could also see a few fish being netted behind me on Match Lake so hoped things would improve, I hadn't fed anything across but after trying bread corn & meat in the open water off the tree & over to the bay I decided to start pinging some corn to my right had side of the bay to see if this would spur a few fish on whilst I had a look dobbing on the pole towards the gap, I started with meat with the rig set a few inches off the deck, I gave it 20mins even switching to bread but not so much as a liner, Back across this time on the waggler again starting off the deck slightly but still no signs I switched to fishing on the deck with corn & did eventually miss a bite where I had been pinging some corn but put it down to a skimmer as I didn't connect with anything'. Things were looking grim as by now we were approaching the halfway stage & I hadn't netted anything else! I was trying everywhere I could to induce something but it wasn't happening, I even had a look on my silvers lines but it just sat there", I switched back to corn on the bomb to my right in the bay & hooked a decent carp within seconds but it came of shortly after hooking it! Back out & the tip started to tremble this time the result was a near 2lb skimmer' then nothing followed, I began feeding meat off the end of the tree to my right which leads back into the other side of middle lake hoping they would be around the area, Still No signs dobbing between 14-16mts on meat of bread so I also started pinging a few bits of meat here to try & make something happen, Mark had netted around 4-5 carp I could see of it, Bob had added a couple of skimmers on the waggler after his earlier run of fish under the tree & I could still see fish being caught behind me on match lake so things weren't looking good for me... I would like to say it happened late but it didnt' I managed two more skimmers, both on the bomb, One in the bay & one off the end of the tree but no more signs of carp, I never had a sniff on the pole down into the channel. Really disappointed come the all out as I was also doing well on the individual side of things before today so the hope of ending up in the top five had gone well out the window" I Knew I would struggle to beat anyone today in my section as most had caught on match lake so was going to end up with low points for the team so hoped the other had done well?. Back At The results Trig Had Done well & ended up winning his lake with 46b odd & 18pts, Paul had done well to end up with 19lb of silvers for 10pts, Vince had 9pts , Shaun 8pts & Myself a measly 3pts' . It turned out it was closer come the end with Colmic also Having A couple of Low results but they managed to gain 4 more points on us come the end to win the league with 305pts so well done to them, The draw didn't help us today, Andy Power had my peg a couple of matches ago & came last & if he cant catch who will" May have been a different outcome if I had been on match but will never know, Did my best & that's al you can do, thankfully with the other lads doing ok we held on to second spot overall with 298pts ahead of Thatchers Vets in third place on 279pts. Top weight on the day went to Mark Broomsgrove from that fancied peg 110 on Cambell again catching on the bomb towards the end bank in the open water to finish with 108lb ahead of Phil Hardwick opposite on peg 132 with 105lb. Silvers went to Dave Romine with 39lb odd from peg 10 on spring so well done to these guys, The top Individual went to Mark Poppleton  in the end with 74pts so another well done to him, A big thanks to Steve, Matt & Helen on running this popular league which takes a lot of effort & those who helped do the scales & boards Throughout.

To Finish 2nd Overall as a team was still a good result with us each picking up £80 for are efforts so well done lads" & look forward to trying again next year hopefully. I had some decent draws in the earlier rounds which I felt I made the most of come the day just a shame it couldn't finish as well but that's fishing"

Full results -

1st mark Broomsgrove (2nd Time Lucky) peg 110 Cambell, 108lb 12oz.

2nd Phil Hardwick (Moaning Maggots) peg 132 Cambell, 105lb 11oz.

3rd Ben Hagg (Guru Viaduct) peg 15 Spring, 83lb.

4th Matt Parsons (M5 Angling) peg 44 Match lake, 74lb 10oz.

5th Dave White (Team keyford) peg 51 Match Lake, 71lb 14oz.

6th Nigel Easton (Team Amigos) peg 113 Cambell, 67lb 6oz.

Silvers -

1st Dave Romine (Colmic S.W) peg 10 Spring, 39lb 13oz.

2nd Mark Wynn (Colmic S.W) peg 59 Lodge, 29lb 7oz.

3rd Chris Davis (Moaning Maggots) peg 71 Lodge, 28lb.

Teams on day -

1st Moaning Maggots 62pts,

2nd Guru Viaduct 60pts,

3rd Team Amigos 59pts,

4th M5 Angling 58pts,

5th Balti Boys 56pts,

6th Colmic S.W 52pts.

Final League Standings -

1st Colmic S.W, 305pts. £700.00

2nd Mosella Bathampton, 298pts. £500.00

3rd Thatchers Vets, 279pts £400.00

4th 2nd Time Lucky, 272pts. £300.00

5th M5 Angling, 266pts. £200.00

6th Guru Viaduct, 264pts.

7th Thatchers Gold, 245pts.

8th Team Amigos, 240pts.

9th Balti Boys, 234pts.

10th Moaning maggots, 234pts

11th Wyvern Angling, 231pts.

12th Somerset Angling, 228pts.

13th Thatchers Silvers, 223pts.

14th Future Networks, 205pts.

15th Silverfox, 202pts.

16th Garbolino BVMG, 198pts.

17th Team keyford, 183pts.

18th All Stars, 161pts.

Top Individual - Mark Poppleton £200.00.




Sunday, 4 March 2018

Shiplate Farn (Hawthorns Lake).

Didn't really think I would be venturing anywhere this weekend after the aftermath of the beast from the east as they say' I had an enjoyable day with my step son yesterday celebrating his 18th birthday with a few drinks & with the snow quickly melting I managed to book in for a match on hawthorns at the last minute but arriving at the fishery I soon ventured home after being told it was frozen for my ice breaker but needn't had bothered as on my return Mark Thorn was already out on the boat doing his best to clear some swims, I fancied peg 1 would produce a few as it was totally free of ice & usually produces in the cold weather, Into the draw & I ended up on peg 10, I had Glyn Wickham on peg 9 & Jonny Page on peg 12 , Nice to have any empty peg between us, Nope It was froze bank to bank from directly in front of me & I even had to get the boat in to clear the edge of my swim to fish thanks to johns help, I didn't really expect anything to want any real feed so the day would be based on dobbing bread over to the far bank cover at 14mts, I set up a 0.1g hand made float on 0.15-0.12 & an 16 F1 Pellet hook to search along the bank but only had around 8ft to work with as the ice to my right cut me off at this stage, I set up a 4x12 chanti on 0.13-0.11 to fish at the bottom of the far shelf in the deep water around 6ft & finally a rig to fish a few feet off the far bank in the slightly deeper water if need be. Before the start Peanut Howell' walked up & told us he had seen two Carp roll in his swim' I ask You!".

I fed the deep line with some corn on the all-in the went straight across on the bread with the rig set a couple of feet deep, It took a few minutes before I had an indication but unfortunately it was foul hooked & we parted company" The next 45minutes were a nightmare' I shallowed up even more but still manage to foul hook & lose another three fish all after getting them back to my top kit", Glynn had had a decent skimmer and a roach down the track but was targeting silvers from the off but apart from this I hadn't heard anything being caught, after 20minutes of waiting a finally hooked a decent fish in the mouth but it brushed against the ice which was now shifting to my left & shed the hook".

I would like to say things got better but the didn't, After the ice had shifted I had more room to fish across but just couldn't catch any carp or get indications of them anywhere in the peg, I managed a 10oz hybrid from where I started the day & caught a 6oz roach right off to my right in the end but that was it! I Kept adding a bit of corn down in the deeper water & did miss two bites on it in the last hour or so but put it down to skimmers as I didn't connect with anything', Glyn had managed to winkle out just over 2lb of silvers, Pagey had a 5lb carp & a few bits & above him Nigel Banked so we all struggled really, Down on peg 8 Alan Healy had a good day catching across on bread later in the match, He admitted to a bit of room but trying to think outside the box did the fish push down past Glyn as the ice all held up on the rope above Alan? Never the less he did well to romp the day with 55lb odd, Just a couple of fish were enough to make the rest of the frame but at least we all had a day on the bank & we couldn't expect to much after melting ice all day.

Back to Viaduct next Sunday for the final round of the winter league & all the lakes will be ice free by then so looking forward to it, Hopefully Trig keeps at the draw arm so peg 26 looks my best bet please'. I'm Totally gutted to be missing my old travelling partner Don Sutherlands Memorial Match at the fishery next Saturday due to being on a course at work I cant get out of but I'm sure it will be well attended in his memory & he will be in my mind. 

Full Results -

1st Alan Healy (PSV) peg 8, 55lb 14oz.

2nd Ray Wickham (Tom Thick Baits) peg 1, 15lb 2oz.

3rd Steve Howell (Shiplate) peg 3, 11lb 7oz.

Silvers -

Nigel Wickham 4lb 9oz.        

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Viaduct Fishery (Spring Lake Charity Match)

I had the choice this morning of entering the open on Cambell lake or entering the charity match on Spring Lake, With peg 110 seeming to be totally dominant at the moment on Cambell I opted for the Match on Spring lake in the hope of drawing on the spit which is on the overspill from match lake next week & in my section for the last round of the teams of five, It was freezing cold this morning but most of the lakes were still ice free except for peg 13 on spring so it wasn't pegged, with sixteen of us fishing, I was quite early in the draw, Dave Romain went first saying he fancied peg 16 then promptly drew it!" I went next & drew peg 17, Then Kev Newman followed me & drew peg 18 which was also a bonus peg they were running today, Well at least we all had the bonus of an island chuck' There's always a chance of a carp or two across & being as the pay outs were just for the top three weights with no separate silvers pool I would imagine that's where we would spend most of the fishing.

Quite simple then, one bomb rod for various baits & I set I set up one pole rig, 4x14 wire wonder on 0.12-0.09 & an 18 PR412 hook, just encase I had to try & catch some silvers, I began by feeding three balls of G/bait at 14mts with dead maggots & casters added, & a decent amount of casters the same distance to my right, As I thought the three of us started on the bomb but after 30mins nobody had caught are side, I stayed on it for another 45mins swapping between bread, meat & corn but nothing other than a couple of taps on the tip, Things were already looking bleak' It was time to try the silvers lines just to put something in the net? Nope, not a bite off either line.. Ok Back on the bomb, We thought Dave was going to spoil the party as he hooked a decent carp on the wagg but think it was fouled as they parted company' so all back to blanking". We had heard just a couple of carp had been caught on the other side of the island but are side seemed devoid of anything willing to feed".

After three hours of trying for a carp it was time to change, I switched to a small cage feeder & changed to a lighter hook length/hook to fish red maggot, First chuck & I had an indication not long after it settled but it was a bit of a false dawn as in the next 40mins I had one 2oz roach so at least I had caught as Dave & Kev were still fishless' This was a real gruller..

Dave eventually caught a roach of similar size, Which he netted! so the pressure was on Kev to put something in the net after asking us if we had blanked here before' Lol, I tried the pole again & still couldn't get a sniff so with just over an hour to go it was binned as I knew we needed at least one carp to figure. Dave pretty much followed suit but Kev was relying on the wagg to get him out of Jail, We did cheer when he eventually catch a roach but he had to rub salt into the wounds when he netted a near 2lb skimmer soon after' That could frame!", Pegs 15 & 20 Had packed up & gone & we hadn't seen hardly anything caught, The last 30mins I was chatting to Dave up the bank as I couldn't sit in the shade shaking any longer, We were discussing how hard it was but he reminded me I was now getting battered as he added a blade skimmer on the wagg, I went back to the rod to reel in & switch baits yet again when I realised a fish was on the end' A 1lb plus skimmers so who's getting kippered now Dave" Lmao. with 10mins to go he tried to be clever & flick the rig down the edge but it went straight threw the ice further along & spent the next few minutes trying to drag an ice berg back to his peg! I was crying'. Well that was it, I never had another sniff but Kev had managed a few more small roach on the wagg, He was first to weigh & finished with just over 2lb so me & Dave didn't bother to weigh with carp caught on the opposite side. Back at the results & Mark Leaded won the day from peg 2 with two carp & some silvers for 35lb but had a bit of room with one & three empty' Next was Paul Greenwood from peg 5 who had one carp & some silvers for 21lb then third was a chap on peg 7 with one carp for 10lb odd, as far as I know the pegs on the top bank failed to catch. It was rock hard for most but not surprizing considering the drop in temperatures & cold wind. We finished earlier than the open on Cambell so I did the board for Steve & as expected peg 110 took the spoils again this time with 86lb odd & second was peg 131 with 29lb, with just 8lb needed to win the silvers. Well a week of will it or wont it? As far a the lakes freezing through this week, I hope like most others it doesn't as we will be limited as to what we can fish if the case arises, Owe the charity match was in aid of Spotted horses? Nope, still didn't get the jist but think its something to aid their recovery?.

Full Results -

1st Mark Leader (Sensas 88) peg 2, 35lb 2oz.

2nd Paul Greenwood (Bait-Tech Viaduct) peg 5, 21lb 9oz.           

Saturday, 24 February 2018

Acorn Fishery Saturday League (Final Round)

I wasn't really looking forward to today as it was cold this morning & Forecast to stay that way, I wouldn't be in with a shout of making the overall placing's come the end but not one to not turn up & after all there was still some decent section money to pick up on the day. At the draw there were still a couple of no shows probably due to the weather but still not good meaning sections reduced & less money to aim for' I let a few draw before me before diving in, Peg 13 was my reward on the cyanide straight again, I would be the first peg this back but with pegs 27, 11, 1 & 5 being in my section I felt I would be up against it as the island swims seem to be the most consistent this year but you never know & with the wind off are backs at least we would be warmer than some" For company I had Matt on peg 11 who was doing well in the league, & Ray Cooper on peg 15 who wasn't in my section but we had a quid on it anyway" I didn't plan many lines today as the last couple of matches have been won with 16 & 20lb on the Tuesdays, I planned to dob bread across in around 2ft of water tight over so set up a 0.1g float on 0.13-0.11 & an 16 F1 hook, Set up 0.2g rig on the same line with an 18 hook to fish just off the bank & a rig to fish back towards the front of the empty peg 12 pallet in around 4ft of water where I would also use the dobbing rig.

I started on the bread across with the bait set a few inches off the deck, I was hoping for a few early indications but after 30mins of dobbing the far bank I missed one bite' & was going nowhere, It was first blood to Ray for the Quid as he had netted a small carp or two but matt was also without an early fish, I decided to try slightly off the bank with the deck rig with maggot on the hook feeding a few maggots/micros with a cad-pot, Within seconds I had a 4oz carp which was soon followed but a fish around a 1lb, In fact the next 45mins were quite exciting' I had a couple of fish around 2lb & one around 3lb by feeding small amounts after each fish' I had a target weight of around 30lb so was well on the way but then the wheels fell off!".

This line totally died so I thought it was just a case of starting again further along & I would catch again but it wasn't the case, I tried down the edge on & off the deck but not a sign of fish, I tried the dobbing rig again without bites & just spent the next three hours just trying to induce a bite but it wasn't happening & just added one 4oz carp, It wasn't just me struggling as poor matt on peg 11 was yet to catch" but I could see Andy Gard opposite me on the island peg 5 getting plenty of indications as well as netting a few", Ray seemed to be doing quite well on the smaller fish fishing the slightly  deeper water across & had a couple of carp so was clawing back at me, I thought we finished at 3.15 but when i asked Ray he told me 3.45, I wasn't looking & result was the maggot rig round the end of the pole! That was it then I would stick to the bread dobbing rig back to the only place I had an indication on it all day against the grass on the far side, 20 seconds later & I soon netted a 3lb fish! ?? back out & five minutes later I had a better fish just over 4lb as Ray also netted a carp, Tens minutes to go & I could see Andy catching quite well in the last hour, I still had time to get a couple more but after trying other spots along the bank I went back to were I started & missed two bites before the All-out!, I had Andy down as are section winner  but didn't know had pegs 1 & 27 Had got on? It was close between Ray & myself & I admitted to 19lb but he said he only had 12"??

Mark Broomsgrove was first to weight on peg 1 in my section & finished with 26lb odd, I knew I didn't have that & with Andy to weigh next picking up some coin was out the window" Lol, Andy put 35lb on the scales which would be hard to beat on the lake today by the sound of it & a couple even went home after blanking" Matt did finally catch to his relief finishing with 6lb odd but it would cost him in the overall placing for sure, I was next in are section & finished with 23lb odd But Rich Healey up on peg 26 of are section Finished with 33lb odd. It turned out Andy's weight was enough to win, Rich was Second & Bunt third so the top three all in my section but from totally different areas! Lol.

Well as far as the Overall placing's finished Team mate Bob Gullick did well to finish 2nd in his section today & pip Glen Calvert into second place overall after they tied at the top on 27pts a piece with Mark Walsh finishing in 3rd place on 26pts so well Done to Bob for the win & the other framers, Ray turned outto have a bit more than his estimation finishing with 20lb odd but at least we had a good friendly battle & I walked away with the quid' Shame my run of fish seemed to die after the good start, should of had a rig to fish the deeper water as wasted time trying to catch where I did to begin with?  It turned out to be close in the weights with just the odd fish making the difference, It was a hard series but that's winter fishing, Off to Viaduct tomorrow so hoping for it not to freeze'

Full Results -

1st Andy Gard (Acorn) peg 5, 35lb 9oz.

2nd Rich Healy (Clevedon A.A) peg 26, 33lb 5oz.

3rd Mark Broomsgrove (Sensas 88) peg 1, 26lb 12oz.

4th Glen Calvert (Sensas 88) peg 6, 23lb 9oz.

5th Dom Sullivan (Mosella) peg 13, 23lb 5oz.

Overall Standings -

1st Bob Gullick (Mosella) 27pts (Weight) £220.

2nd Glen Calvert (Sensas 88) 27pts £170.

3rd Mark Walsh (Over 50's) 26pts £120pts. 

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Viaduct Fishery Thursday Costcutter (Cambell & Cary Lakes)

With things a bit quiet at work it was a rare day off in the week so decided to take a trip back to Viaduct for the costcutter match, A very cold start to the day having to scrap the ice from the van before leaving although it didn't seem as bad arriving at the fishery, I had a wander around before the draw & the only place I saw signs of fish was hot peg 110 as they were rolling down the edge, Its won the last few matches on this lake & by the looks of things today wouldn't be any different, 18 fishing & I was near the front of the queue, Adrian Jefferies went first & drew peg 114 Cambell, I went next & drew peg 112, & John Darby followed next & drew 110"! should be the writing on the wall then? Although my peg only seems to have produced the odd carp of late with conditions in are favour I fancied trying to catch a few on the waggler so that was the first thing out the bag, with a size 16 hair rigged hook-length to fish dead depth to start, next up was a bomb rod again with the same hook-length & apart from this all I set up was a rig to dob down the edge towards peg 13 but I could only go to 12mts because if the small braches hanging down.

I had Titch Williams on peg 111 & informed him he would probably end up with neck ache' I started the day on the wagg with meat on the hair, it took 30mins to get a bite which was a decent carp but reeling it went a bit solid before I finally parted company with the fish coming back with a big branch! that was it for the next 45mins as I never had another bite on the wagg, I even tried off to the right with corn on the hook for some silvers where I had been pinging a few bits of the same but no signs, John on peg 110 was already catching quite steady & titch had took a couple of fish on the bomb but most seemed to be struggling, I decided to have a look down the edge starting with meat on the hook with the rig set a few inches off the deck, five minutes later I had a bite & a 4lb fish was soon in the net, back out & ten minutes later I had another around 5lb, it made a bit of commotion so had another try on the wagg & bomb for 30mins but still nothing, Back down the edge & after a few minutes had another bite, this time it was a decent fish & I had a right struggle getting it out from under the braches but eventually netted a near 12lb fish' soon after I hooked up on a branch down the edge which I got out but hadn't done the peg any good I know' Back on the wagg I had a couple of skimmers on the meat in the next 45mins on the wagg but nothing over the fed corn line, I struggled most of the day really as couldn't induce bites on anything, going into the last hour I had one more down the edge & that was it, At least I had manage to hit every bite I had down their just a shame there weren't a few more" Apart from John most of us struggled, Nigel Easton opposite him on peg 132 had managed a few but nowhere near as much. John was first to weigh & he had a great days fishing finishing with 168lb odd to easily win the day so well done to him, Titch finished with 23lb odd, My four carp & two small skimmers went 31lb odd & Adrian finished with 18lb odd, Further up on peg 118 Dave White took 48lb but Nigel ended up second with 59lb, As far as the silvers went Steve Kedge over on peg 128 won the day with 17lb odd of skimmers mainly on the pole. I would probably better off targeting them today but just fancied a day on the wagg hoping to catch a few better skimmer on the corn but it just didn't happen, Back down for the last round of the league next weekend but looking at the long range forecast it could be a serious case of dusting off the ice breaker by the look of things??

Full Results -

1st John Darby (Bait Tech Viaduct) peg 110, 168lb 15oz.

2nd Nigel Easton (Langport) peg 132, 59lb 1oz.

3rd Dave White (Bait Tech Viaduct) peg 118, 48lb 4oz.

4th Dom Sullivan (Mosella) peg 112, 31lb 6oz.

Silvers -

1st Steve Kedge (Somerset Angling) peg 128, 17lb 11oz.

2nd Steve Denmead (Keyford) peg 126, 10lb 4oz.        

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Viaduct Fishery Teams Of Five, Round Four (All Lakes).

Back for this penultimate round of this popular league, It looked to be perfect weather wise with little wind overcast skies & a touch milder so at least we didn't have to battle the elements today. My Turn to be on Lodge Lake today with an overspill onto the low end of Cary Lake, Obviously I fancied peg 53 which has been consistent so far in earlier rounds but the top corner pegs can produce as well as a couple of pegs on Cary, Peg 53 was soon taken by none other than Mark Poppleton, surprize, surprize Lol, Before Trig came back with are draw sheet, Who's on Lodge He Said' Then informed me I was on peg 66 in the top corner of Lodge so happy with that" It can be hit & miss & I drew this a few years ago in the same league & only took one carp so was determined to make up for it! I felt confident I could hook a few carp so just hoped if I did I would get then out!??

I didn't take the camera but for those who don't know the peg basically there is an unused pallet to my left at 12mts with a tree which lies in the water just past it around 14mts, It always looks very carpy" but its not for the faint hearted! the depth here is around 4ft close to the bank & the same at the end of the tree stump a metre or so off the bank, I set up two 0.2g floats, one on 0.15-0.13 & an 16 F1 pellet hook & the other on 0.17-0.15 with a size 16 hair rig hook length, Apart from this I set up one silvers rig to fish at 14mts to my right but didn't really use it so forget that". I had team mate Vince Brown right behind me on peg 97 Cary so at least we new how each other would be doing' I had Nicky Ewers opposite me on peg 64 by the monk which can also produce some fish.

I started the day feeding three balls of G/bait with casters at 14mts on the silvers line & began the day down the edge starting at 12mts by the pallet leg with a hair rigged cube of meat, I had the rig set with the bait a few inches off the deck to start with to avoid & debris on the bottom but didn't feed anything, I gave it around 15mins before inching further towards the other pallet leg. Five minutes & the float shot under" I quickly shipped back relying on the softer elastic do the work & soon netted a 5lb fish so twenty minutes gone & one in the net' a good start"  I went back to the same area & 15minutes later had a better fish around 7lb after shallowing up a couple of inches more, I couldn't get a bite in the next 20mins even when switching to bread on the hook, I didn't want to go right in at 14mts until I new I had to so decided to try further off the bank at the end of the tree stump. Back on the meat a few inches off the deck after a few minutes of lifting & dropping I was in again & netted another decent fish, By now we were just over an hour in & I had around 19lb so things were going well, Nicky had managed a couple of carp on the waggler casting to the back of the tree but I hadn't seen much else caught although Colin Sandford had netted a few on the wagg from the rope peg on the opposite bank. It took quite a while for my next bite which came 45minutes later closer to the bank this time on bread but a bit smaller around 5lb, Then disaster struck" I hooked a good fish & despite shipping back as fast as poss it managed to snag me, I did get the rig back along with a decent load of twigs only for it to flip out at the last second wrapping the rig in a ball to the branches on the bush next to me trashing the lot..!. I soon had another rig assembled but it seemed the fish had disappeared as I couldn't get a bite anywhere in the next hour, Just as I went back closer to the bank on bread the phone rang, It was Trig to see how things were going & This man can tame fish with his voice as within seconds the rig shot under" Thankfully after throwing the phone down I was quick enough to react & steered it out in time & soon after netted a near 10lb fish" Thanks Trig" Lol. The last couple of hours I just continued to try different areas from 13-14mts & different depths, I did manage another at half depth on meat further off the bank & ended up taking two more close to the bank at 14mts, One on bread & one on meat, I did start to drip a bit of meat with a cadpot at the end of the stump but it only produced a small hybrid, I did lose one more decent fish with around 20minutes to go but apart from this I missed just one bite all day, I wasn't suffering with liners which told me they weren't their in numbers & it just seemed to be a case of being sitting & waiting for bites. I was happy to end the day with Seven carp Which I hoped would be good team points but I didn't know how the other end of the lake had fished or Cary for that matter? When the scales arrived Colin Sandford was leading with 42lb odd, I had this on my clicker but the fish were bigger than I though as I finished with 58lb odd, Last to weigh on are lake was Mark who finished with 66lb from peg 53 to win the lake meaning I was second but well happy with that as I wouldn't have expected to beat it at the start.

Back at the results Vince finished with 10pts, Shaun Townsend Had 13pts, Paul Elms 8pts, Trig 9pts & Me 17pts to finish with 57pts on the day, Garbolino Blackmore Vale easily won the day with 72pts but we didn't do to bad finishing 4th on the day with a few teams having a blow out, Its now very tight at the top with the Colmic side leading the way ahead of us by just 3pts so all to play for with one round to go" The match was won today by Ben Broxon from inform peg 110 on Cambell with a massive 186lb catching down the edge on the pole dobbing bread so well done to him ahead of Ron Hardiman on 118 with 99lb, There were so better silvers weights today with Luke Sorikin leading the way with 43lb of skimmers of peg 129 Cambell, Some sad news over the weekend with the passing of Legend Charlie Barns, I've known this guy for over 30yrs & a lot of us have & even longer for some, He was well known to everyone for the bait business in his early days & loved to fish the waggler on the Huntspill many years ago' Thanks to John Barker who was still picking him up to spectate in the better weather when possible, He will be sadly missed but well remembered....

Unfortunately Steve Jackson Was taken ill at the end of the match & for safety a paramedic was called & well as an ambulance but hopefully all ended ok & get well soon. I was pleased how the day went & felt I worked the peg a lot better to produce the odd bite today, Frustrating to lose a couple of fish which could of seen me in the frame but still had the bonus of the £40 mini section monies. Back in two weeks for the final round when Its my turn for match lake with a couple of pegs on Middle, Spring included so looking forward to it, Keep that hand going Trig"..

Full results -

1st Ben Broxon (Guru Viaduct) peg 110 Cambell, 186lb 7oz.

2nd Ron Hardiman (Future Networks) peg 118 Cambell, 99lb 11oz

3rd Dave Roper (Somerset Angling) peg 77 Cary, 79lb 2oz.

4th Mark Poppleton (Colmic) peg 53 Lodge, 66lb 2oz.

5th Dick Bull (Team Amigos) peg 119 Cambell, 66lb,

6th John Moody (Garbolino Blackmore Vale) peg 102 Cary, 61lb 4oz.

Silvers -

1st Luke Sorikin (Thatchers Gold) peg 129 Cambell, 43lb 3oz.

2nd Rob Jones (Thatchers Gold) peg 98 Cary, 27lb 3oz.

3rd Gary Etheridge (Thatchers Gold) peg 68 Lodge, 24lb 12oz.

Teams On Day -

1st Garbolino Blackmore Vale, 72pts

2nd Somerset Angling , 66pts

3rd Team Amigos 60pts

4th Thatchers Gold 57pts

4th Mosella Bathampton, 57pts

6th All Stars 50pts.

League To Date -

1st Colmic South West) 253pts

2nd Mosella Bathampton 250pts

3rd Thatchers Vets 226pts

4th 2nd Time Lucky 219pts

5th M5 Angling 208pts

6th Thatchers Gold 207pts

7th Guru Viaduct 204pts.

Individuals To Date -

1st Martin Preston 65pts

2nd Mark Poppleton 61pts

3rd Paul Elms 59pts (Weight)

4th Nick Ewers 59pts

5th Ben Broxham 58pts (Weight)

6th Dom Sullivan 58pts.




Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Match Free Weekend.

just a quick update as far as last weekend went, Saturday I skipped fishing mainly due to the fact it was lashing down when I woke which remained for the rest of the day so the only thing I got wet was my throat whilst watching England batter the Welsh" Perhaps that's why we don't have their contingent fishing the Viaduct Winter league This Year?? Lol. Sunday saw me spend a few hours up the road at Shiplate main lake with Terry Taylor again, I booked a couple of swims on the far bank out of the cold wind & were pleasantly surprized when we were basking in the sun for the first few hours' We both planned a day on the silvers but it didn't really happen, I struggled to catch one skimmer & a few roach so spent most of the day fishing for carp, I had two good early fish on the bomb on corn then later in the day a decent 15lb fish on the waggler & another 12lb fish on the bomb, Terry persevered with the silvers but only managed to connect with roach for most of the day but at least we had a few bites on a cold but pleasant day for us. Back to Viaduct for the penultimate round of the teams of Five this weekend & my turn for the float only section on Lodge Lake with the overspill onto the bottom end of Cary, Peg 53 please Trig..".        

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Viaduct Fishery Winter League Teams Of Five (Round 3)

After spending the day with the wife yesterday I was looking forward to the latest round of this popular league, My turn to be on Scary Cary lake this time & I was hoping trig was up to his normal drawing standard again today, It was a cold wind today coming from the north east so sitting in that for some today would feel bitter' I was chatting before the draw & said I fancied peg 77 next to the tree between Cary & Cambell  & after drawing the peg I predicted in the last round I was hoping to have the same result' It wasn't far off as when Trig came back with the sheet I ended up above the tree on peg 78!" Result, I still expected the form pegs opposite, 102 & 100 to produce the best weights but was confident enough to get a few pull-rounds". team wise we didn't have a bad draw, Trig was on peg 4 Spring, Shaun was on peg 42 Match, Paul was on the overspill pegs onto the bottom end of Cary from Lodge lake peg 107, Vince was on 111 Cambell & Me 77 Cary.  Another simple set up to day, The normal bomb rod to fish various baits on a hair, A waggler to search the depths again aimed at fishing toward the middle of the lake & again with a hair rigged hook length, Apart from this all I set up was a 0.3g float on 0.19-0.16 & a 16 hook to fish down by the tree at 12mts.

For company I had Colmics Mark Poppleton the other side of the tree on 77,  Fellow trucker Jack Billet on 79 & Adrian Jefferies on the spit peg 80 so good company & bound to be a laugh somewhere along the way!". I started the day on the bomb & meat just past the aerator between Mark & Myself, Clint Wojtyla over on 102 was soon into a fish closely followed by Gareth Lennox on peg 100, I gave it 20mins on the meat & had one small liner, I switched to double corn on the hook & after a few minutes Adrian turned round to ask if I had any liners, I was just explaining to him & Jack that I had a decent liner I though would keep going & moments later as they were fixed on my tip round it went! Lol, twenty minutes in & 6lb in the net" good start.. back out but nothing followed & it seemed for the time being the carp were happy sitting further across as pegs 102, 100 & 99 were all getting odd fish, After about an hour I switched to fishing the wagg but it was a bit awkward due to the wind, I gave this another 20mins or so but it wasn't working even trying off the deck. Mark had sneaked in another couple of carp & Adrian took an early carp followed by another up the bum" which gave him the right run around' jammy git!, I was getting worried as it was approaching 12.30pm & all I had added was a 2lb skimmer on normal meat, I switched back to the corn & just as jack turned round & asked if I was having any signs again it flew round" It wasn't so simple this time though as it was a big fish & took me around the aerator cable" The inevitable happened losing the fish but still attached to the cable but thankfully only a broken hook length in the end, Trig rang me to see how I was doing just before 1pm & trust me even the sound of his voice wakes fish up, No sooner had I put the phone down I was in, & netted a 10lb fish, Back out on yellow meat & 5mins later netted another around 14lb' Two fish in ten minutes for 24lb that's more like it'.

I gave it another 20mins but nothing, I had been pinging the odd cube of meat down to the tree at 12mts through the day & after an earlier look with no signs I was itching to give it another go, I went in with the rig set at dead depth with meat cad potting a couple of cubes over the top, I lifted & dropped the rig a few inches & it shot under, fish on, Well for a few seconds before coming back with half my 0.17 hook length! I chucked the bomb back out whilst adding an 0.19 hook length back on the pole rig, I hadn't finished when the tip flew round which soon had me flinging the top-kit out my way, Another decent fish in the net, With 30mins to go I had to try the edge again, A couple of lifts & again I was in, same result" two seconds later & I came back with half a hook length! FFS, This is power line I'm using, their was odiously something cutting my line but frustratingly the carp were their! I had a quick chuck on the waggler when the wind dropped which resulted in another fish again on meat, But with minutes left I had to try by the tree again, Third time lucky?? You couldn't write it, Float settles, A couple of lifts, Bite, Fish, No Hook!!. I had ten minutes left to try the wagg again & did miss a decent bite but that was it, Adrian had finished with 4 carp, Three in the mouth Lol, Poor Jack just had to sit & watch fishing with three skimmers, I had 6 carp for what I estimated at 50lb odd, & Mark had finished with 5 carp, the pegs opposite, 102 & 100 had caught well through the day, When the scales arrived Nicky Ewers was leading the way with 76lb from peg 81 above the spit who we couldn't see all day, Adrian had 37lb odd, Jacks fish went 4lb odd then my carp & one silver went 60lb 3oz, Marks fish went 53lb but their were a few pegs opposite which would beat us, back at the results & it turned out I finished 5th on the lake taking 14/18pts, Trig had the same result 14pts As did Vince who included the 2nd best silvers weight so well done to him, Shaun had a struggle on match with late fish being caught around him but couldn't get bites ending on 4pts but the hero again was Paul Beaver Elms from the end peg 107 Cary coming 2nd in his section with 17pts which must see him winning the league individual as it stands, So we finished on 63pts giving us 3rd on the day teamwise so still a good result, Thatchers Vets Won the day with 70pts ahead of  2nd time lucky on 65pts. Top weight on the day went to Clint over on peg 102 which won the last match" but he fished well to end the day with 125lb 14oz Even with the late 18lb fish foul hooked on the wagg" Lol. Top silvers went to that man again Des Shipp from peg 61 on Lodge with 25lb 9oz. Back in two weeks & my turn for Lodge Lake with the overspill onto Cary, Turned out to be an enjoyable day, frustrating to lose the fish on the pole & the one to the aerator just one of then would of added another point but at least I had a few come the end.

Full Results -

1st Clint Wojtyla (Future Networks) peg 102 Cary, 125lb 14oz.

2nd Chris Davis (moaning Maggots) peg 110 Cambell, 123lb 13oz.

3rd Gareth Lennox (Balti Boys) peg 100 Cary, 117lb 12oz.

4th Scott Puddy (Guru Viaduct) peg 37 Middle, 79lb 2oz.

5th Nicky Ewers (Thatchers Vets) peg 81 Cary, 76lb 10oz.

6th Clayton Hudson (Future Networks) peg 132 Cambell, 75lb 8oz.


1st Des Shipp (Thatchers Gold) peg 61 Lodge, 25lb 9oz.

2nd Vince Brown (Mosella Bathampton) peg 111 Cambell, 17lb 5oz.

3rd Fred Roberts (2nd Time Lucky) peg 69 Lodge, 16lb 9oz.

Teams On day -

1st Thatchers Vets 70pts

2nd 2nd Time Lucky 65pts

3rd Mosella Bathampton 63pts

4th Colmic Southwest 57pts

5th M5 Angling 55pts

5th Somerset Angling 55pts

Overall League to date -

1st Colmic Southwest 206pts

2nd Mosella Bathampton 193pts

3rd Thatchers Vets  185pts

4th 2nd Time Lucky 176pts

5th M5 Angling 161pts

6th Guru Viaduct 155pts.

Sunday, 28 January 2018

Viaduct Fishery Open (Cary Lake).

Well yesterday I thought things couldn't get any worse but how wrong I was! The wife went to the bank to get some money to pay for my recent purchase but when returning with the cash on the bus somehow lost the envelope with it in & didn't realise until afterwards, We made frantic calls to the bus company & a couple of drivers we know but to no avail' That would be the last we saw of that then! She was beside herself with guilt but assured her it wasn't the end of the world & somehow we'll get it back soon enough. Back to today even though I wasn't really in the mood to go fishing I was booked in to Viaduct so with the forecast quite good made my way their.

Fourteen of us booked in today as their were other things on in the area & we were all hoping to draw the recent noted pegs, I let a few go before me before taking my turn, Ending up on peg 99 above the tree, I felt I had the chance of a few carp but didn't really think I would compete with the pegs nearer the aerator which had been producing of late or the pegs in the top corner where a few fish had been caught lately so even though I would have a look for carp I based my main day around silvers, I set up a 4x12 wire wonder on 0.13-0.10 & an 18 PR412 Hook, & a heavier 4x14 rig to fish with a double bulk, Both rigs to fish a couple of lines at 14mts, Apart from this all I set up was a bomb rod, I was going to get the waggler out but the wind wasn't in are favour so didn't want to complicate things. For company I had Mark Poppleton above me on peg 97 & Dave White on peg 96, & next to me Silvers Lover Stu White on peg 100 who would target then from the off.

I began the day feeding four balls & a cup of loose G/Bait containing a few casters & dead reds at 14mts & one ball off to my right at the same distance & started the day in the open water on the bomb & meat, In the first 30mins I had a couple of liners, Dave was first to catch a carp on are bank closely followed by Nick Chedzoy on fancied peg 102, Interestingly Stu had started his day short for silvers & was surprisingly catching well" Usually you get a few early fish then it dies but after 45mins I estimated he had around 4lb in the net so would be playing catch up with him now on the silvers but I hadn't fed a short line" I gave it nearly an hour on the bomb before praying my silvers lines were solid with big skimmers". I started on the one ball line & had a 6oz skimmer after waiting ages for a bite so onto the positive line with double caster on the hook, again I had to wait for a bite but this time I hooked a better fish but it came straight off! I had another go but no more signs, Stu was still adding small fish to his net but I was going nowhere'.

Back on the bomb with various baits but no signs of fish, Dave had taken two more carp in the first hour & Mark had now landed one but I couldn't get so much as a liner, After another 45mins of trying different areas I was back on the pole lines, I had a 1lb plus skimmer straight off the bumped another decent fish soon after, I seem to get this problem a lot on here for some reason with the better size fish? this killed it again as no more bites.

By now basically I had come to the conclusion trying to catch Stu up on the long pole didn't seem likely to happen, After Dave's Early fish he hadn't added to them & nor had Mark, Nick had netted a few more but the guy on peg 77 seemed to be doing best, I'm on here next week for the next round of the winter league so decided to spend the rest of the day in search of fish with the bomb. Eventually I did start to get the odd pull round with a couple of hours to go but they turned out to be bream over 2lb along with a tench over a 1lb' With an hour to go Mark decided to call it a day, I had managed to pack most of my kit away whilst watching a pretty motionless tip, I had a funny feeling going into the last 30mins I was going to catch a carp & with 25mins to go I did! a decent fish around 10lb but a few more required with minutes remaining" it wasn't to be as I didn't have another before the all-out although I left it out whilst trying to recover my catty I had dropped in earlier & caught another a few minutes after the whistle' I put it back in along with the one I had but decided to weigh my few silvers for the sake of it, When the scales arrived top weigh was John Gray from peg 77 being 130lb odd catching on the bomb & waggler with meat & top silvers was Nigel Easton from peg 90 with 21lb of bomb & corn caught skimmers, Dave's three fish went 19lb odd before my few fish went 10lb 12oz & Stu finished the day with 17lb of silvers most of which came to his short line, Nick was last to weigh & finished with 58lb for second on the day so hoping to be on this or the peg opposite next week then'.

 Not totally in gear today after losing the cash & having it go round in my head every two minutes but don't think much would of been different result wise, Look forward to next Sundays league & hoping trig keeps his hand going'

Full Results -

1st John Gray (Plymouth) peg 77, 130lb 4oz.

2nd Nick Chedzoy (P.I.Thatchers) peg 102, 58lb 5oz.

3rd Nigel Easton (Bait tech Viaduct) peg 90, 37lb 12oz.

Silvers -

1st Nigel Easton,  peg 90 , 21lb 4oz.                

Saturday, Acorn Fishery League Rd 5, (Paddock Lake).

Yesterday saw me back at Acorn for the next round of the league, It all started off ok in the first couple of rounds but the wheels have fell off in the last two' It seems to be a case of if your not on um you catch nowt else at the moment, Into the draw & I didn't think thinks would be much better today after drawing peg 19 on the straight, It happens to be one of the widest just over 14mts but unfortunately we were in the worse of the wind so trying to fish across would be fun"..

I set up three rigs, One for right over on the shallow 18' inch shelf, One for 13mts in around 3ft of water & a rig to fish at 8mts slightly to my down the track, I had Tom Casidy next to me on peg 15 & Paul Nicole's  the other side of me on peg 19 both of which were in my section along with a couple of swims over the other side of the lake, I started on maggot just short of the far back in the shallower water & hooked two carp in two dob-in's but they were both foul hookers & came off", Ten minutes later I had one in the mouth but a smaller fish around 2lb until I got it to the net that is before it shed the hook! Paul had started the day across but chose to start dobbing bread & although I discounted it due to the water colour he had netted two smaller size carp on it in the first 30mins, After my early signs the fish soon disappeared in the shallower water, I tried a few new areas across & even gave the bread a go but still nothing, Tom had netted a carp & had a few bits to go with it but after 90mins I was still to catch'.

 I went on the 13mt line again with maggot where I had fed a few of the same along with some micros, I had a bites straight away which turned out to be a 4oz skimmer so blank avoided" Back out & I had a 1lb gold fish" then nothing, I switched to expander on the hook but still no signs so topped it up & went back across, I did have a carp straight away, Shame it was 6oz's" & ten minutes later had an F1 over a 1lb but bites were hard to come by, Not much to tell about the rest of the day, I kept rotating lines looking for fish but it was a right gruller, I never had a bite down the track where I had been feeding corn all day, I managed one more better F1 from the 13mt line along with a few hand size skimmers, But going into the last hour I managed two better carp & two smaller samples tight over in the shallow water again on maggot, I thought I had over taken Tom until he threw a spanner in the works by catching a 4lb fish with minutes to go, Paul had only added a few small fish from the deeper water so hard for us again today. When the scales arrived Glen Calvert was top weight with 45lb odd from peg 9 but not in are section, Tom finished with 17lb 4oz in total & I knew it would be close between us but it wasn't to be as I fell just short with 16lb 11oz, Meaning I missed out on the £50 for second in the section as Mark Walsh looked to have easily won are section from the peg behind the shed on the opposite bank. It wasn't until I was packing away I realised my pole sections were jammed together, With the assistance of Tom & Paul on the end of each section I gave it the old rolling approach in the middle, It took a while to get it moving & just as I thought it was going to come free bang went my number 8 section!" Nobody to blame though but it didn't make for a good day as I soon slung my kit in the van & buggered off home with the remaining piece of number 8 section still stuck in the ass end of the number 7". So don't know who actually won the day sorry but I know a few struggled for bites again today, Felt really deflated when I arrived home things can only get better hey"..       

Sunday, 21 January 2018

Viaduct Fishery Teams of Five Winter League Rd 2, (All Lakes).

Well what a difference a day makes, After being quite pleasant most of yesterday today we were greeted with rain, & plenty of it as it was forecast to continue for the rest of the day" great.. My turn to be on Cambell lake today & I still fancied a few fish to be caught more at the car park end of the lake even though it didn't fish to well yesterday, As norm it was down to Trig to do the draw for us again today & whilst we were waiting I happened to mention I wouldn't mind peg 132 in the corner, Trig returned with the draw sheet & low & behold I was on it Lol', The best pegs last time were hot peg 131 & 130 but I felt I had a good chance of a carp or two for decent points? Trig ended up on peg 52 of Match Lake, Paul Beaver Elms would be on peg 102 Cary, Shaun Townsend had peg 71 on Lodge & Vince ended up with peg 20 on Spring which is pretty pants' to be fair but the rest of us could be ok, A simple approach today, Bomb & waggler for the open water & to fish down towards the end bank but the over hanging willow tree hampers this some what, A pole rig to fish down the edge at 14/16mts & a 0.2g rig to fish in front of me at 16mts in the open water with meat. No silvers lines today, I felt my best chance would be to catch at least a couple of carp & if I could manage three for around 20lb then that should be good points so set my stool all out for them. I started the day on the wagg with hair rigged meat set at dead depth, ten minutes in & disaster" I had a bite but when I struck the small amount of line which had been blowing back towards me had wrapped around my rod tip' The carp took off which felt a decent fish but we soon parted company as my main line snapped around the rod tip causing me to lose the lot!". B*****K'S...

I decided to chuck to bomb with meat back in the same area whilst I set about re-assembling my wagg rod' After about 10mins I was just adding the hook length when the tip went round, I did manage to get this one in around 5lb so at least I was on my way, Nick Ewers was next to me on hot peg 131 & had started catching on the bomb as I expected as did the lad above him on peg 130, I gave the bomb another 20mins but with no liners switched back to the wagg searching for fish. After 30mins of trying but no more signs it was time to take a look down the edge, I started off the deck dobbing bread along to 16mts but no signs so switched to meat but that made no difference, Back on the wagg & after 5mins I hooked a better fish which was a carp around 8lb this time it was in the net" The next couple of hours were a right struggle for me as I couldn't temp bites anywhere, Thankfully I did manage another decent fish on the bomb which was caught chucking as far left towards Nicks peg as I could but by now he was catching regular fish so again they did seem to be at home on their normal peg" I estimated my three fish would go around 23lb which I though was a good target but was keen to get a few more, I had been pinging a few bits of meat at 16mts but it didn't produce a bite, I had another couple of looks down the edge again but not even a liner told me they weren't here, I new my best bet would be the wagg for the last hour or so & so it proved as I managed to add another three fish one of which was 10mins from the all out, I had 37lb on my clicker but knew Nick & The chap above him were probably going to first & second on the lake, When the scales got around to us Mark Poppleton over on peg 119 (The peg Ben Hagg Caught Nowt Off Last Time") was leading the way with 73lb odd, with a couple of back up weights of 45lb, Steve Martin on peg 130 took the lead with 84lb before Nicky ended with 121lb to easily win the lake, Certainly a peg they want to frequent at the moment but well done Nick, I was last to weigh & was cursing losing the first carp of the day as I thought it had cost me but I was surprized when my six fish went 46lb odd for 4th on the lake & 15 out of 18pts for the team so happy with that & quite enjoyed the day even though it didn't stop raining & my kit & me were soaked through!.

Back at the results & Paul had done the business again today as he took a cracking 176lb of big carp on the waggler & meat from peg 102 on Cary so a big well done to him & a maximum of 18pts for the team, Trig had done well on match lake to finish with 14pts, Shaun had managed 9pts from what turned out to be a hard area & Vince struggled for 4lb odd of roach for 6pts again from a hard area on what turned out to be the hardest lake today, Silvers wise the weights were slightly down as Dick Bull took the spoils from peg 25 on Spring lake with 16lb. Team wise Colmic came out on top again today with a total of 74pts so another good performance from these lads, We finished 3rd on the day with 61pts but it still keeps us in 2nd position after the first two rounds but a long way to go. Back again in two weeks for round three & my turn for Cary Lake so hoping to land on a few of the lakes munters.

Full Results -

1st Paul Elms (Mosella Bathampton) peg 102 Cary, 176lb 4oz.

2nd Andy Power (Thatchers Gold) peg 53 Lodge, 141lb 9oz.

3rd Nick Ewers (Thatchers Vets) peg 131 Cambell, 121lb 10oz.

4th Nick Chedzoy (Thatchers Vets) peg 100 Cary, 100lb 6oz.

5th Steve Martin (Thatchers Silver) peg 130 Cambell, 84lb 1oz.

6th Mark Poppleton (Colmic) peg 119 Cambell, 73lb 8oz.

Silvers -

1st Dick Bull (Team Amigos) peg 25 Spring, 16lb 1oz.

2nd Steve Jackson (Balti Boys) peg 103 Cary, 15lb 12oz.

3rd Mark Harper (Thatchers Gold) peg 115 Cambell, 12lb 14oz.

Teams on Day -

1st Colmic 74pts.

2nd Future Networks 63pts.

3rd Mosella Bathampton 61pts.

3rd Thatchers Gold 61pts.

5th Guru Viaduct 58pts.

Overall League To Date -

1st Colmic 149pts.

2nd Mosella Bathampton 130pts.

3rd Thatchers Gold 116pts.

4th Thatchers Vets 115pts.

5th 2nd Time Lucky 111pts.

6th M5 Angling 106pts.


Viaduct Fishery Saturday.

I chose to take a trip to viaduct for the latest Saturday open but a bit disappointing as it turned out there were only five of us" With the popular winter league tomorrow many anglers cant commit to both days with family ect being priority but at least it looked on being a decent day weather wise with no wind. Steve decided just to pay out top weight & top silvers & decided to peg it all at the car park end of Cambell lake with the pegs being 110,111,112, & opposite pegs 131 & 130, I was hoping to avoid 111 if possible as it would be the only peg with less room so to speak, I let a couple go before me then took my turn, Yep you guessed it peg 111' Owe well. I didn't really expect to catch more carp than either hot peg 131 at the moment or even peg 110 so silvers would be main line of attack, I set up a 4x12 wire wonder on 0.13-0.10 & an 18 PR412 hook & a heavier 4x14 float on the same line/hook to fish a double bulk rig, Pluming up it was deepest at 13mts directly in front of me so would feed G/Bait here & feed another line at 14mts to the left with caster. On the all-in I feed three balls with casters & a few pinkie's at 13mts & cupped in some caster on the longer line, Leaving these to settle I started the day on the waggler casting towards the middle of the lake with hair rigged meat, I was quite surprized to get a bite after ten minutes which turned out to be a decent carp around 7lb, I gave it another 45mins but never had another sniff, Roland next to me on 110 was yet to catch but Terry Lenny on peg 131 had took an early fish. Time to have a look on my silvers lines, I started over the casters at 14mts but no early signs so switched to 13mts with single caster on the hook, I did manage to take a few small 4-6oz skimmers before bites dried up which told me to re-feed a small amount & leave it for a few minutes. Not going to rant on about the day to much but spent most of it on the pole catching small skimmers, Topping up when bites tailed off & kept looking to catch carp on the wagg in between, It fished hard today, The chap on peg 112 & his mate on peg 130 called it a day with an hour to go, Which was a wise choice as from nowhere it went from flat calm to blowing a gale smack in are chops! This ruled out the pole for the last 45mins as I couldn't see the float in the ripple & reflection on the water but still didn't manage another carp after fishing the bomb, Terry finished with two fish for 16lb odd, Roland had four carp for 28lb odd & I finished with one carp for 8lb 4oz & more importantly 12lb 12oz of silvers so at least I got £25 back to pay for the day.


Sunday, 14 January 2018

Viaduct Fishery Teams Of Five (Round 1) All Lakes.

Well I was quite looking forward to this popular league again this time around fishing under the team Mosella Bathampton banner, Are team consisted of Craig Trig' Edmunds, Shaun Townsend, Vince Brown, Paul Beaver' Elms & Myself. The day started with breakfast at the Royal Pub in Somerton which was quite nice, I arrived in plenty of time for a decent parking spot before everyone descended at the fishery, Eighteen teams fishing this year so a good turn out again, Their would be some good draws & some unfortunate dire ones which we all hoped to avoid, It was down to trig to draw as his hand seems to be sent down from God' Or so we hoped? When he returned it went like this, Cambell Lake, Paul, peg 130, Shaun peg 99 Cary, Trig peg 69 Lodge, Vince peg 50 match, & Me  peg 18 Spring, Not a bad team draw, My peg can be a good area for silvers but after the first few Wednesdays silvers matches it seems to have switched off a bit, I was fortunate enough to have an island chuck & with conditions in are favour with no wind I had plenty of options, first up a bomb rod to fish over to the island with bread/meat, A waggler also to fish across & slightly shorter if need be, A 0.2g float set on 0.15-0.13 & an 16 F1 Pellet hook to fish at 16mts to the left with meat, & finally a 4x12 wire wonder float on 0.13-0.10 & an 18 F1 pellet hook, to fish at 13 in front & 14mts slightly right, It was around 4 - 5ft at 13mts & around 6 inches shallower further out.

I started the day feeding three good balls of G/bait casters & some dead pinkies at 13mts & one ball at 14mts with dead maggots added, I began the day on the bomb across to the island on popped up bread as did the pegs around me, I gave it 40mins also trying meat on the hair but not a tremble on the tip", I switched to the waggler again with meat to start with, I worked my way closer to the island even trying off the deck, I could get the rig to land within inches of the far bank but nothing was happening at this stage, After 90mins of trying to catch across none of us had hooked a carp & it wasn't looking good' I had a quick look on the pole with caster or red maggot on the hook but the float just sat their", Gareth Lennox next to me on peg 17 had now switched to a small G/bait feeder with hair rigged corn chucking quite tight to the island & it seemed to work as he soon had some better sized skimmers, Ile follow suit then", Well I gave it about 45mins but not even a liner, yet Gareth was getting indications & coming back with a fish most casts, Frustrating but they didn't want to move that's for sure, Neil Clark on the other side of me was also struggling & he couldn't catch across either but did start to put some small silvers in his net once he went on the pole, Things were looking grim. Roland Lucas who had drawn last weeks winning peg 16 on this lake was also yet to catch, It was approaching the halfway point before I had my first bite which came at 13mts on maggot, It felt a decent fish until after a few seconds it shed the hook! thankfully when I went back in I had a skimmer around 10oz so finally I had something in the net' I added a few smaller samples & a couple of chunky roach before I felt the need to top it up, I had a quick look on the 14mt line but nothing here yet & nothing on the 16mt meat line at this point. Gareth was still putting fish in his net so I had to try again on the feeder, - Nowt" I just couldn't get the fish to travel my way, I had been pinging the odd piece of corn over & even tried the waggler at depth off the island again but not a bite, back on the pole I had another run of smaller stamp skimmers & a bonus 8oz roach but with the water being clear they were easily spooked so had to keep resting it, I kept trying the bomb back to the island with bread in the hope of a wrap around from a carp which was looking to make decent points the way things were going, It wouldn't happen & it appeared they just weren't present. I kept dropping back in on the pole at 13mts catching the odd smaller skimmer to keep putting something in the net, Gareth's peg had slowed a little but he was still catching the odd decent skimmer but rich next to me was struggling with just the odd fish on the pole, going into the last hour Roland finally caught a carp on the bomb & bread which prompted me to try again but still not a sign, I managed a few more skimmers late on the pole with a couple around 10oz but did bump a better fish at 14mts when I potted in a decent handful of casters & left it for a while but that was it, I never had a bite at 16mts on the meat & on the all out thought I had around 7lb of silvers, First to weight was Glen Calvert on peg 20 who finished with 7lb of waggler caught roach, Rich had 4lb odd of bits before I was put 10lb 1oz on the scales which was more than I thought, Fair play to Gareth who finished the day with 23lb of feeder caught skimmers before Roland's one carp went 8lb odd, I didn't follow the scales around but after Chris Sandford on peg 15 had 68lb of carp dobbing bread down his edge to the tree he looked likely to easily win the lake, Back at the results it turned out there were a few blanks on are lake so my 10lb ended up earning me 12pts from a possible 18 so good for the team in the end, It turned out we had all done ok, Shaun came back with 12pts, Vince had 13pts, Trig had 15pts & Paul finished 2nd on Cambell Lake with 102lb which put him 4th on the day overall so well done to him, this gave us a total of 69pts from a possible 90 putting us 2nd on the day behind Colmic who finished on 75pts so a good start for us, As far as the winners went top weight on the day was Trev Senior who was next to Paul on peg 131 finishing with a massive 214lb" all on the bomb & meat & over on Cary Lake Martin Preston finished 2nd with 155lb of big carp on the waggler with meat, As far as the silvers went it was super star silvers ace Des Shipp who took the spoils with 25lb odd from peg 118 on Cambell catching on casters over caster, Back next week for the second round when its my turn for Cambell Lake & I wouldn't be disappointed to see us with the same team draw as the carp on this lake seem to be balled up in this area at the moment so would put me in the right area".

Full Results -

1st Trev Senior (Wyvern Anglers) peg 131 Cambell, 214lb 7oz.

2nd Martin Preston (Colmic) peg 78 Cary, 155lb 3oz.

3rd Steve Tucker (Thatchers Vets) peg 77 Cary, 145lb 1oz.

4th Paul Elms (Mosella Bathampton) peg 130 Cambell, 102lb 14oz.

5th Nick Chedzoy (Thatchers Vets) peg 111 Cambell, 91lb 14oz.

6th Jason Radford (All Stars) peg 94 Cary, 82lb 5oz.

Silvers -

1st Des Shipp (Thatchers Gold) peg 118 Cambell, 25lb 1oz.

2nd Gareth Lennox (M5 Angling) peg 17 Spring, 23lb 3oz.

3rd Tim Ford (Thatchers Silver) peg 103 Cary, 19lb 8oz.

Teams -

1st Colmic 75pts

2nd Mosella Bathampton 69pts

3rd Thatchers Vets 61pts

4th Wyvern Anglers 60pts

5th 2nd Time Lucky 60pts

6th M5 Angling 59pts. 

Acorn Series Round 4, Paddock Lake, Saturday.

Saturday saw me back at Acorn for the fourth round of this series hoping for a better day after only 4oz off peg 19 in the last round" Hopefully I could use this as my dropped result? into the draw & I ended up on peg 36 again' as I had this peg in the second round, That day I had 20lb odd for second in the section & had a couple of fish down the edge on corn in front of the next pallet or dead reads this side of it so was quite confident of getting a few bites? This will probably be my shortest blog ever as I have nothing to write about! I started dobbing at half depth down the edge with bread but no signs so went on the deck with corn but still nothing, after 4hrs all I had to show for my efforts was one small roach on maggot & had another one fall off' I couldn't get a sign of carp no matter where or what I tried, I was totally disheartened & with 45mins to go I called it a day, The only people I could see catching was Rich Healy on peg 1 who had taken a few fish down the track on bread from peg 1 before going across to the island where he was catching quite well come the end & Kev Perry also on the island swims peg 5 who had taken a few. I didn't stay for the weigh-in but it turned out Rich won the match with 60lb odd & Kev finished 2nd with 25lb odd but the rest of us pretty much struggled, Ray Cooper who kindly lent me so over trousers as I forgot my bib n brace had draw peg 19 today ended up with the same result as me off it 4oz! what a flyer" Lol. That's winter fishing, your either lucky enough to be on a few or it bloody hard work! I need a miracle to make the final placing's now but you never no.